“You can’t always wait for the perfect time, sometimes you must dare to jump”

If you want to spend a fun day out with family or friends, look no further than our trampoline park. With over a hundred trampolines, the fun and exploration just goes on and on! Learn how to defy gravity and walk on walls, dive into our airbag pit, conquer our ninja obstacle course or challenge your friends to an epic game of dodge ball. However you decide to enjoy Kango’s trampoline park, the fun will last for hours!


Open Jump
Jump around with friends on our many inter-connected trampolines. With tons of trampolines to jump across, enjoy the freedom to bounce around however you want!

Wall Walking
This feature is perfect for those wanting to challenge themselves and perform more advanced trampolining. Impress your friends and learn to defy gravity and literally walk on walls!

Performance Trampolines
Olympics, here we come. Are you an aspiring Olympian? This part of our venue is dedicated to the highest grade of trampolining skill. Our Olympic grade trampolines are the perfect platform for you to train on.

Dodge ball
Challenge your friends to a game of action packed dodgeball. See if you can be the last person standing, but don’t let the ball hit you! Also team up with your friends to join our dodgeball tournaments with tons of prizes to win!

Challenge your friends to see who is the last gladiator standing! Our foam filled gladiator pit will allow you to battle your friends for ultimate bragging rights. Knock them into the foam pit and stand victorious! Losing never been so soft and fun!

Slack line
Test your balance and walk the tightrope. See if you can make it across without falling into the foam pit! This activity is a great way to improve your balance and coordination.

Leap into the cushiony airbag! Our professional grade airbag is used by gymnasts and action sport athletes all over the world to practice their tricks and stunts.

Slam ball
Unlock your inner Michael Jordan and slam dunk the ball into the basket. Soar high through the air just like the basketball stars and attempt to slam it just like the pros!

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